Radiation Environment Array Charge Transport (React)

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This model is an engineering tool that predicts charge collection in space-based infrared detector arrays due to ionizing particle radiation.  The modeling uses a combination of analytical and Monte Carlo techniques to capture the essential features of energetic ion-induced charge collection to detector pixels in a two-dimensional array.  It is of specific significance for design of sensor missions that are concerned with noise levels of FPAs operated in the space environment, and of general significance for studying particle-induced charge collection in two-dimensional arrays of integrated circuits. 


Additional Information:

Language: Visual Basic and integrated with Microsoft Excel

Operating System: Windows-based

Hardware Requirements: PC/Mac


  • Maintenance/ Upgrades: No
  • Source Code: No
  • Cost: None
  • Distribution: Available upon request:
  • Manuals: Final technical report available upon request
  • Training: No
  • Input Description :

The REACT is currently in publication. 


Point of Contact:

James Pickel
PR&T, Inc
P.O. Box 1474
Bonsall, CA  92003-1474

Phone: 1-760-451-2256


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