Electromagnetic Return of Contaminants

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The ESR tool is a first generation computational code created for the purpose of computing the return characteristics of spacecraft generated contaminants, which return to the spacecraft via the electrostatic return mechanism.  The ESR code does not compute the spacecraft charging, this task is left to preexisting codes.  The ESR code does compute the Debye sheath (if necessary), the returned contaminant mass rate, returned mass flux, returned mass ratio, return velocity, and surface sputter (where applicable).  To help the user, default values have been supplied for all program inputs.  However, the user is encouraged to supply the program with appropriate inputs which accurately reflect the specific spacecraft and environmental conditions being modeled.


Additional Information:

 Language:  Visual Basic

 Operating System: Windows-based

 Hardware Requirements:  PC


  • Maintenance/Upgrades: No
  • Source Code: No
  • Cost: None
  • Distribution: Available upon request:  http://see.msfc.nasa.gov/ModelDB
  • Manuals: User’s Manual included; Final technical report available upon request
  • Training: No


Point of Contact:

Ray Rantanen
ROR Enterprises
Athol, ID 83801-9764
Phone:  208-623-6376
E-mail:  rayrant@aol.com

Tim Gordon
Applied Science Technologies
Golden, CO 80403
Phone:  303-642-1863
E-mail: timgordon@aol.com

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