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LUNAR E-LIBRARY - version 1


The Lunar E-Library contains 1100 (.PDF) items with an emphasis on documents produced during the Apollo/Saturn era. Full text is available for 870 documents, and abstracts with source information are included for 230 documents that are copyrighted or limited distribution materials. The Lunar e-Library includes

·          Apollo Mission Reports (missions 4-17)

·          Apollo Preliminary Science Reports

·          Saturn V Flight Evaluation Reports

·          Saturn I and IB Flight Evaluation Reports

·          Lunar Roving Vehicle documents

·          Lunar data and experiment documents from Surveyor, Apollo, Clementine, and Lunar Prospector missions

·          Lunar studies and reference documents including Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) and First Lunar Outpost (FLO) documents

·          Lunar environment and space vehicle design criteria documents with an emphasis on lunar dust, radiation, and orbital debris


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Dr. David Edwards
MSFC, AL  35812

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